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People normally think about Professional Modeling as a simple job and wonder “what is so difficult”.

I think some models are true artists just like a creative photographer, a painter or a sculptor. They are sharing a common passion, exploring each other, exploring themselves totally for the same love of life; in splendor, in happiness, in sadness and beauty.

I personally believe that to reach the ultimate ending, the “Work of Art”,  my model and I must share a bond of sorts.  To capture that special event, the incredible photo, there must always be a special person in front of the camera and It must be a person who loves what we do, a  person who knows exactly what I desire and I need to explore. If this person knows my thoughts and what stirs my soul without any guidance as we come togethe then something truly extraordinary and rare will come to be “my”  Work of Art !

It is only then that the camera will capture what my Minds-Eye is seeing.

Torso, Massimo Conti, Nude, Fine Art Photography, photographs, Models
Torso, Massimo Conti, Nude, Fine Art Photography, photographs, Models

I am deeply aware that such photographs could never come to be without the Models feelings for me,  her knowledge of my tastes, her cultural background, and her deep trust in my skills and original style.

by Massimo Conti