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The image has a surprising strength and sometimes can unexpectedly trigger our emotions and feelings.

As a photographer I can say that today to take pictures able to be read by someone for more than 1 second is difficult everyday more and more.

Everything flows too fast in a world already too fast.

Thus … if even only one of my pictures is able to shake your soul and your thoughts just for few sec. this is already a big success!

I believe in deja vu as well as in parallel lives … and time ago I thought…

If we are here all together on our virtual space to share thoughts, images, emotions and memories there is certainly a reason and I am happy to see that basically we are all linked by a thin feeling and that our friendship is not so virtual as we think.

Someone here is happy someone else is sad… someone is famous and someone else will try to reach the success for the rest of his life … someone is a winner someone else not … someone is in love… others will be alone forever..

at last …

we are all brothers & sisters in a certain way.

by Massimo Conti