Saint Peter Church, Portovenere

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F1 8P4 PORTOVENERE BW 800X800 (C) Massimo Conti

F4 2P6 PORTOVENERE 800x800 SELENIUM (C) Massimo Conti

F26 2P20 PORTOVENERE 800x800 SELENIUM (C) Massimo Conti



Small Size 16.4″ x 21.9″ €24.96
Medium Size 23.4″ x 31.2″ €43.68
Large Size 33.2″ x 44.2″ €62.40

Cinque Terre Poster Collection

posters are available in three sizes, with a maximum print area of A2, A1 or A0. Posters are printed with a 5mm white border.


  • 28 April 2013, 21:01  Reply

    You have some great photos here. What an amazing place.

  • 29 April 2013, 10:18  Reply

    Thank you Leanne. Yes 5 Terre National Park is very nice.
    I suggest to visit it if you plan to visit Italy ;)

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