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Although I started photographing nudes relatively soon, my research on natural and abstract forms began by chance one day on the Punta Corvo’s beach in Italy. I remember it was an autumn day. I and my model went down to the beach after about a thousand steps overlooking the sea.

Once we reached the beach we noticed that the waves were too high to take a bath and then we started to compose shapes and takes photographs inspired by the smooth shapes of  woods on the shore. That day we made “White Driftwood“, probably my most representative photo, then came out other abstract shapes, representing in some way the pieces of wood carved by the waves.

White Driftwood

Observing the nature I realized that sculpture and art in general are part of a natural process of various changes without end, just like a driftwood shaped by waves . The changing of the forms is definitely infinite.


About my living sculptures.

I produce my sculptures in photography for pure passion. I enjoy to find new shapes and emphasize the beauty of nature as well as the natural beauty. I like to use abstract form to draw analogies between the human body and the landscape. I like to create anthropomorphic sculptures observing nature and studying what sculptors made in past. I don’t know if my work is important or not but in my sculptures I like evoking both, the natural world and the human body simultaneously and it would be nice to encourage the viewer to look upon the natural world as
one endlessly varied sculpture created continually by natural processes.


About me and photography

I had periods of great passion for photography interspersed with moments of ups and downs, generally due to the fact that photography was stealing too much time and money to my private life. However, despite the periods of discomfort, the photography is still present in my life and that’s because to me taking photographs is pure passion. Thinking more deeply about the meaning of life I believe that in some way passion is an essential element just like one of the five elements described by the ancient Greeks (fire, air, water, earth and spirit). Probably passion is the only meaning of our short lives… perhaps the life itself.