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“Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul.”

Thomas Merton

Work process

1. Briefing

2. Planning

3. Event


Mare Danzante // Inaugurazione Padiglione dei Cetacei di Renzo Piano
Aquario di  Genova, Italy.
Light Installation by Marco Nereo Rotelli
ph. by Filippo Cavalli & Mario Lotti


Notte di luce // Palazzo Ducale Venezia, Italy 2011
54a Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica della Biennale di Venezia.
Light Installation by Marco Nereo Rotelli
ph. by Marc de Tollenaere

Press conferences, unconventional, festivals and contests are some of the possibilities of promoting a brand through initiatives that catalyze attention.

MCF organizes events focused and coordinated on corporate image.  The location and type of event are designed and coordinated together with the company. The services offered to the customer include all organizational and logistical steps that accompany an event. It starts from the planning and organization of the initiative.

The advice, suggestions and support offered by a professional, is able to make a difference in the success of the event, it is therefore essential for the individual and/or the company that intends to organize an initiative to have the support of a professional. 

The planning of the whole event, from the beginning to the final stages, is the first step in its successful outcome.

You need to evaluate carefully the choice of location that will host the event, and attention should be paid about setting up, hospitality, the welcome service as well as the promotion and communication of the event. The same attention will be dedicated to the logistics side, like catering hospitality and activities that support the event. Planning will take care of the “cut” of  the event, providing any particular scenes, suggestive contexts or emotional elements.

The main objective is to find a direct contact with the public that will have a living experience of the brand in order to leave an echo and an effective word of mouth.