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The web marketing manager is a professional who specializes in the management of online marketing activities necessary to launch into the market a new product or  specific services or give visibility to the company services.
These steps include the analysis of the market, the development of communication plans, the coordination of the team involved in the management of campaigns, managing editors and designers who make the materials useful for the promotion of initiatives. An important aspect of web marketing is the analysis and monitoring of the performance of active campaigns.

We provide coordination and execution of  investigation markets; evaluation of similar products already in the market; execution or coordination of market research on consumer satisfaction; competitors control; study of new product considering various criteria such as features, markets, distribution channels (supermarket chains, small shops…), the target consumers who are facing the product, the price range and sales targets; development of marketing plans including new advertising campaigns; participation in trade fairs; collaboration with other business units (in collaboration with key sectors of research, production and sales); collaboration with advertising companies and digital agencies specialized in market research.


1. Analysis

3. Target


2. Strategy

4. Global success

Social Media


Web Marketing

  • Analysis & Consultancy
  • Communication Plans
  • Marketing Online (SEM)
  • E-mail Marketing

Social Media

  • Management of social pages
  • Social media marketing
  • Viral adv